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Reiki Treatments and Classes


Why have a Reiki Treatment? Reset and Realign your Energy for 2018

A relaxing hands on healing technique that reduces stress, eases physical pain, and calms and soothes the body, mind and spirit.

Feeling depleted and low? Reiki helps boost your immune system, improve and balance your energy.

A Reiki treatment at The Healing Triad includes tools of sound(singing bowls and tuning forks), color(Crystal Light Bed), and vibration. A totally unique, intuitive hour of relaxation and to reset and realign your energy. One hour $80


Wondering if you have blockages in your chakras? Make an appointment for a Chakra reading and 20 minute treatment to create Balance.

CHAKRA READING and BALANCING — 20 minutes $30 call or email Evelyn


Deb and Evelyn’s greatest joy is educating others in this energy art that is becoming more recognizable not only as a healing modality but as a stepping stone on one’s spiritual path. Teaching as a team since 2009, these classes have a flow and an energy that is spontaneous and healing, all within the safe space created at The Healing Triad. Classes are typically 7 hours of training and each, except Teacher training, incorporate an attunement that opens the reiki energy flow for the student.

Levels I, II, III and Master Teacher Classes

Level One – An introduction to Reiki, discover your energetic gifts and how to use them, learn practical ways for using Reiki in the modern world. Learn ways to use Reiki to treat yourself and others.

Level Two Distance and Absentee Healing. Learn how to send energy out to those you cannot physically be with, participate in a distance healing session for a loved one, and the meanings and uses of the Reiki symbols are introduced in this class.

Level Three/ Master Class Learn how to read energy, working with crystals and gemstones will be covered in this fun and interactive class. Master symbols will also be covered.

Master Teacher Training In this class we give you everything that we use to teach our classes. Outlines, handouts on symbols, and the tools that we share with our students are all made available to our Master teachers. We also offer student teaching opportunities.

In our lineage, Usui Shiki Ryoho, it is recommended that practitioners observe a three week period in between levels of training. This allows for a 21 day energetic cleansing process to occur. The Healing Triad feels strongly about this cleansing period as a way to keep our practitioners healthy and strong on their path.