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Akashic Records

What exactly is an Akashic Record? It’s the Record of all that has ever been and ever will be. It’s the history of your Soul, past, present and future that is carried within, encoded in our DNA.

An Akashic Record Reading is a means of obtaining the knowledge of your gifts, strengths and attributes that you’ve accumulated and brought forward lifetime after lifetime. The messages from the records are delivered by your Masters, Teachers and loved ones and translated by the reader.

Why Have An Akashic Record Reading?

Feeling stuck? Need some help to make those changes you know you need to make this year? An hour Akashic Record Reading can help you tap into your own divine guidance system and gain helpful insights.

Having trouble navigating the New Normal. An Akashic reading can connect you to your past, present and future information.

Readings at The Healing Triad have become more about where you’re going and the potentials and possibilities for the future. The past no longer has to effect you, you’ve earned what you’ve learned along the way. We shine a light on that information and help you figure out how to use it NOW!

Is this the year you finally decide to start living your life’s purpose? An Akashic Record Reading can assist you on your path to living with purpose in 2018.

One hour $80