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Akashic Records

Akashic Records contain all past, present and future possibilities through the vibrations of compassion, love and joy. These Records are like the DNA of the universe. Every individual soul has its own unique Akashic Record.

The Akashic Records are in an ethereal library, and can be accessed with a Sacred Prayer. This works as a key to open the record during a consultation.

Akashic Records Consultation with Deb Lopez and Evelyn Walsh

What is the Akashic Record?  It is all lives lived, experiences and learned knowledge of your soul.  During an Akashic Consultation, your records are opened by both consultants so that the information from your past, present and future can be revealed, examined and reframed if necessary.  Past life experiences shape the potentials for our current and future lives.  Trained as conduits for this information, we help you learn what strengths, attributes, skills and talents you’ve acquired in past lives and how to utilize this information to make improvements in your current life.