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Crystal Light Bed Therapy

Crystal Light Bed Therapy to Restore and Heal

This therapy balances and restores your energy and provides deep relaxation for rapid healing. The crystal light bar is suspended 12 inches above the body with 7 quartz crystal spheres that are aligned over each energy center or Chakra. Each light matches a Chakra color and radiates light energy through crystals. The light sequences help clear, balance, restore and raise your vibration. While lying back bathed in color we also include the healing effects of the Bio Mat and Sound Healing by using Binaural Beats. This combination is a quick relaxing way to relieve stress, manage pain, get clarity and feel overall improvement in your energy.

What are Binaural Beats?

Research shows that listening to Binaural beats cause the brain to resonate in tune with that beat. The relaxing Alpha state your brain activity resonates to is at 10 hz frequency. During a light treatment you are listening through headphones to beats that create the Alpha state in your brain, which quickly and easily guide your mind into healing relaxation and enhanced brain functioning. By introducing this precise harmonic balance of blended frequencies to your brain, you effortlessly achieve powerful states of concentration, deep relaxation and more, while stimulating your brain to work in synchronized harmony with your body.


A typical session is 20 minutes or more, the fee is $1 a minute.
Punch cards are available
Call Evelyn at 630-207-9409 to schedule an appointment.