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Posted by on Feb 2, 2018

InLight Medical Light Treatments for Seasonal Affected Disorder

InLight Medical Light Treatments for Seasonal Affected Disorder

InLight Medical Light Treatments for Seasonal Affected Disorder

At The Healing Triad, we are offering Light sessions for SAD and relief of other symptoms of depression. Saturday appointments are available. Call 630-890-7880 to reserve your time slot.


Below is a testimonial from someone who suffered for many years with SAD.

“Last winter I finally realized that I suffer from SAD. Day after day with no sunshine put me into a dark hole. I had been using a lightbox, but it wasn’t enough. Then, I tried In Light Wellness Systems and within the first 5 minutes of the treatment, I felt like a weight had lifted off me. I felt like myself again. It was wonderful. I knew immediately that I needed to buy this light system. So, I did.
I’ve been using it for 20 minutes on every gray day this winter, and it has made a world of difference. I feel great. It was worth every penny, and I am so grateful. “ ~Cherie

If you would like to experience:

  • Increased cognitive function
  • Sharper thinking
  • Improved mood, concentration, alertness
  • Less fatigue and reduced need for sleep
  • More mental motivation, endurance, and productivity

“Overall, Light Therapy improves mental constitution. With this therapy, you don’t get fatigued and worn down easily, and you may be able to focus and think harder for longer periods of time. LLLT also has a cumulative effect. Your brain becomes stronger and more resilient over time as you do the treatment consistently.  Many serious brain injuries and mental illnesses can be successfully treated with LLLT, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.”

Depression and Anxiety

Studies in humans provide evidence that LLLT improves mood and decreases depressive symptoms. In 2009, researchers took ten patients with a history of major depression and anxiety (including post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse) and applied LLLT to their foreheads for four weeks. At the end of the study, six of the ten patients experienced a remission of their depression, and seven of the ten patients experienced a remission of their anxiety. There were no observable side effects.

“The data supports that LLLT to the head constitutes a promising neurotherapeutic tool to modulate behavior in a non-invasive manner.”
— Dr. Julio C. Rojas, MD, Ph.D., University of California

This makes sense considering that several studies show that depression is linked to abnormal blood flow in the frontal cortex of the brain, and LLLT increases blood flow and circulation.

Other studies have shown that participants report a significant increase in positive emotions and a reduction in depressive symptoms for two weeks after LLLT treatment.

Sufferers of traumatic brain injury (TBI) also experience a decrease in depression, anxiety, irritability and insomnia, and an overall improvement in quality of life, because of LLLT.

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