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inLight™ Medical

The Healing Triad announces the addition of a powerful healing modality that incorporates Low Level Light Therapy.

Professionally trained as Certified Light Therapist’s, Deb Lopez and Evelyn Walsh offer this innovative, effective light therapy to assist in pain management, pain reduction, improved circulation and reduced inflammation in the body.

Research shows that with LLLT treatments there can be a significant improvement for people suffering from arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, difficult to treat skin surface issues and scars, joint or back pain, muscle pain, and many other common ailments.

The Healing Triad uses the inLight™ Medical system which has FDA clearance for pain management and increased circulation. The InLight™ Medical system is a class 2 medical device that uses red, blue and infrared lights that are pulsed in solfeggio frequencies to produce nitric oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide protects the heart, stimulates the brain, kills bacteria and strengthens every cell in the body.

Research is showing that Nitric Oxide improves cardiovascular conditions and optimizes the function of every body system, leading to greater wellness and quality of life.

inLight™ Medical Sessions: Each session is approximately 20 minutes.


  • Light Therapy Sessions are $40.00 each
  • Multi-session package plans available


You can fully experience the powerful healing benefits of these lights by renting them for your personal use.

  • 2 week 6port/4 pad rentals @ $250; can be applied directly toward any light system purchase.

Call Deb Lopez at (630) 890-7880 for an appointment