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Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

One Sunday a month we offer a class in meditation that provides easy, practical techniques that bring you back to your center to calm the mind and help regain clarity. Check our Calendar for dates.

It is the belief at The Healing Triad Yoga Studio that instruction in meditation should be made practical and user friendly. It should not be the intention of the beginner to empty his mind of all thoughts, but to learn to watch the thoughts, to be the silent observer. The techniques are simple for meditating; it’s finding the time and sticking to a regular practice that seems daunting in our busy times.

The Healing Triad in Bloomingdale, Illinois offers meditation classes and provides easy, practical techniques that can bring you back to your center, as well as calm the mind and gain clarity.

Evelyn teaches ways to meditate in small doses at first and leads you to additional techniques to add to your practice. According to her, people need to be shown how easy it is and then need encouragement to go there again and again even for a few moments several times a day.

Meditation Class is for both the beginner and the seasoned practitioner. Learn simple and easily accessible techniques that bring balance to mind, body and spirit. These techniques help ease pain, relieve stress and create present moment awareness.

Studies have shown that meditation reduces blood pressure and stress, and can be effective in pain management, increases focus and concentration, improves memory, aids in weight reduction, develops intuition and trust.

Private instruction is available.
Call Evelyn at 630-351-9642.