Triad ladies

Lee Anne, Debbie and Evelyn are trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage

Evelyn Walsh, a Reiki Master since 2004, is also a Certified Yoga Instructor,  and teaches classes in meditation as well as leading group meditations. As a Certified Hypnotherapist since 2006, she offers suggestions and affirmations that aide in easing pain, reducing stress, and helping clients to achieve their goal of improved health. Following a Reiki Treatment, she may draw on her experiences as a Yoga teacher, sharing helpful breathing and relaxation techniques for the client to use post-treatment to prolong and maintain its healing effects. Her practical approach to life, and her many years working with people as a teacher, along with years of studying Yoga Philosophy has given her creative ways of dealing with many types of life situations. The Healing Triad provides a venue for Evelyn to share her knowledge of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to create awareness as a way to wellness. Her love of Reiki combined with her love of people as well as her compassionate and sensitive nature make her open to give as well as receive. Email Evelyn.

Lee Anne Clarbour LMT, a Reiki Master since 2001 and a Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist, integrates the Native Cherokee lessons of Nature passed on to her from her Reiki master. Her love of animals and their corresponding characteristics to humans, help clients to understand their own basic instinctual healing powers. In working with natural elements such as color, crystals and gemstones, Lee Anne’s innate ability and knowledge of these healing tools help guide her awareness to areas that need assistance to heal. Lee Anne’s interpretation of a clients energy field is a valuable asset to The Healing Triad, as she is able to use her intuition and insight using the elements to enhance and accelerate the healing process. She believes in setting a “safe space” for the client so that they may walk in harmony with their spirit, free of any distractions, able to listen and connect to any guidance from within or without. Lee Anne practices the Universal Medicine Wheel, which has been used by the Native American culture as a tool for healing. She believes that everyone has a spiritual place in the universe and a relationship to all things. Email Lee Anne.

Debbie Lopez, a Reiki Master since 2007, completes The Healing Triad by using her training in various techniques for intuitive development. Debbie is an empath and relies upon her intuition and clear vision to bring insight to physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. She uses the tools and techniques of sound and vibration to move, balance and harmonize the energies within the body to facilitate healing. Her vocal and musical training adds the third element to a Reiki treatment with tone, vibration and resonance, creating pathways for wellness to occur. Debbie is also able to tune into past information that may effect present conditions. During a treatment her ability to assist in identifying emotional or physical issues enables The Healing Triad to address  a client effectively. This is sometimes done by reading aura’s (color in the energy field) and can also assist in understanding blockages or low energy areas which can then be released or amplified. The Healing Triad provides a way for Debbie to bring love and compassion to people, using her intuition and empathic gifts, helping people find ways toward physical, emotional and spiritual health. Email Debbie.


The Healing Triad is a center dedicated to teaching and sharing the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Therapeutic Massage and Reiki. Located in Bloomingdale, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago.

The Healing Triad was founded by three Reiki Master Practitioner Teachers, Evelyn Walsh, Lee Anne Clarbour and Debbie Lopez. The three formed an alliance bringing together their unique and individual talents and skills in order to provide clients with a complete system for healing.

The Healing Triad’s mission is to provide the community with a means of obtaining and maintaining health and well-being, by offering a variety of educational opportunities for the body, mind and spirit. Classes are offered in Yoga, Meditation and all levels of Reiki. The Healing Triad also offers a space for independent practitioners to share their skills and practices.

It is our sincere hope that all who come to participate in classes or receive treatment leave with a renewed sense of balance and wholeness.