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Reiki has been scientifically proven to accelerate healing and many health professionals and hospitals are incorporating Reiki into their practices and programs.

Crystal Light Bed Therapy 

This brand new therapy balances and restores your energy and provides deep relaxation for rapid healing. This battery operated light bar is suspended 12 inches above the body with 7 quartz crystal spheres that are aligned over each energy center or Chakra. Each light matches each of the Chakra colors and radiates light energy through the crystals that are set in a light sequence to help clear, balance, restore and raise your vibration. While lying back bathed in color we also include the healing effects of the Bio Mat and sound healing by using headphones with Binaural Beats. The combination is a quick relaxing way to relieve stress, manage pain, get clear and feel an overall improvement in your energy. Most people find just 10 minutes,  2 to 3 times a week to be transforming. 

Punch cards are available $60 for 60 minutes, with 5 minutes increments so that you can choose your time. Times need to be scheduled with The Healing Triad for now, but in the future we will have set days with hours set aside for this combined healing therapy.

BioMat info  from the BioMat Company www.theBioMatCompany.com

The BioMat delivers the highest vibrational resonance deeply into all body tissues. The combination of far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst quartz opens the channels for intelligent cellular communication leading to DNA repair and total body wellness.

NEGATIVE IONS for Positive Effects:

  • Increase Serotonin Levels
  • Alleviate Allergies
  • Minimize Migraines
  • Subdue Sinus Problems

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless and invisible particles that we inhale in abundance near waterfalls, rain forests and oceans. Scientifically they are molecules with an extra electron helping to alleviate allergies, migraines and sinus problems.Once they reach our blood stream Negative Ions have a positive effect on the rate at which Serotonin is oxidized in the bloodstream, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy and clarity.

AMETHYST CRYSTAL for Body Balance:

  • Soothe Nervous System
  • Strengthen Colon, Kidneys, Liver
  • Improve Memory Skills
  • Regulate Intestinal Flora
  • Reduce Inflammation

Amethyst bolsters the production of the hormones, and strengthens the cleansing organs, the circulatory system and blood.This brings the immune system and body metabolism into balance and harmony. Amethyst also soothes the nervous system and aids in the transmission of neural signals. And memory skills improve with the use of this stone.

INFRARED a High-Speed Healing Frequency:

  • Induces Sleep
  • Sports Injury Recovery
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Decrease Blood Pressure
  • Accident Recuperation

Far Infrared Heat is pure energy in the form of LIGHT from the invisible area of the electromagnetic spectrum. Far Infrared Heat was discovered by NASA to be the most beneficial light wave, penetrating the skin and increasing circulation to detoxify the body of harmful toxins and acid wastes.

Binaural Beats

What are Binaural Beats?

The sensation of auditory binaural beats occurs when two coherent sounds of nearly similar frequencies are presented one to each ear with stereo headphones or speakers.

The brain integrates the two signals, producing a sensation of a third sound called the binaural beat.

For example, if a frequency of 100 Hz is played in one ear and 107 Hz is played in the other ear, a binaural beat of 7 Hz is created by the brain. Brain waves match or “follow” the binaural beat. If the binaural beat is 7 Hz, an increase in brain waves of 7 Hz occurs.

Binaural beats originate in the brainstem’s superior olivary nucleus, the site of contralateral integration of auditory input.

The binaural beat is neurologically conveyed to the reticular formation which uses neurotransmitters to initiate changes in brainwave activity

Brain Waves & Consciousness

  • Beta (13-26 Hz) Alert concentration and problem-solving
  • Alpha (8-13 Hz) Alert relaxation
  • Theta (4-7 Hz) Deep relaxation and increased learning
  • Delta (1-3 Hz) Deep sleep


Reiki Complementary Tools

Treatments given by The Healing Triad raise the vibrational frequency of the body by incorporating the use of tuning forks and singing bowls, each for a specific purpose. These tools work on the human body’s vibration because everything created vibrates, from the smallest molecule to the universe itself.

Singing bowls have been used for centuries to produce relaxation, facilitate healing and meditation. Each bowl is tuned for a specific musical note starting with C on the scale and going up an octave to B. The Healing Triad uses singing bowls and tuning forks to smooth and calm the energy field.

Crystals minerals and gemstones have healing powers that interact with the energy centers, Chakras, to bring about positive changes. Crystals and gemstones are conductors and generators of energy and can provide a protected barrier from harmful EMF waves.

An additional tool used in all treatments is the BioMat. The BioMat delivers high vibrational resonance deep into the tissues of the body, combining far infrared light, and negative ions which open the channels for cellular healing leading to DNA repair and total wellness.

The Healing Triad incorporates these tools into their treatments to enhance and increase the flow of the universal life force energy through all the systems of the body to create balance and wholeness.
Why work with, balance, or activate the chakras?
“Chakra” means spinning wheel or disc. There are seven major Chakras in the human energy body. Blocked energy due to tension, stress or pain can affect the flow of the energy to the Chakras. A Reiki treatment works to increase the flow of Prana or Chi throughout the meridians, nadis, the channels that lead to the energy centers.

Working with chakras can:
• Elevate our consciousness and spiritual awareness
• Invigorating the body to provide better physical health
• Increase mental stamina, concentration, attention
• Improve psychic or intuitive awareness
• Feel less flighty, absent minded
• Reduce or eliminate bad behavior, dependencies, depression
• Feel more connected to your place in the Universe
• Appreciate the abundance life has to offer you
• Stimulate a feeling of love and appreciation for those around you

Working with the chakras involves reflection, meditation, exercise, and a willingness to face issues that may create blockages in many areas of the subtle energetic bodies, which may result in recurring issues. Activating or stimulating the chakra can be incredibly simple, produced by simple, directed attention.

What will stimulate the chakras:
• Reiki – energy healing
• Meditation, prayer
• Precious crystals and stones
• Sound therapy: singing bowls, tuning forks